What If

What if
the song that breaks your heart
is the voice of your Soul?

Stay with me
Don’t Go
I will always love you
Oh, my love, my darling…


What if
it is the voice of our Soul
calling out in our obsessions and great loves

Like Echo,
finally able to speak to Narcissus,
as he discovers his reflection and says,
”I love you.”

Seeing and feeling longing,
is this how we move towards true incarnation?
United with Soul,
life becomes a delight,
love of others, a natural and Just

The Sacred is born when the Soul is present,
Spirit and Body together give birth,
give Life
to the Soul.

The Soul embraces all of Life in its fierce, gentle longing, its witnessing.
A reckoning then comes: How to live with so much beauty?

There is an ache in the body when the Soul comes in,
so deep and profound that there can be a loss
of understanding how to live,
how to live a life that has shifted on its axis,
from a Doing that is a Living,
to a Being that is a Becoming.