Love is the World

Love is a World INSTA.jpg

What in life do we say Yes to?
What does that even mean, to say Yes?
What are we allowed to say Yes to?
What if that Yes feels disloyal to other ideas of obligation, loyalty, or being right in the world?

All of these are questions that arise in the moments when our Soul is really speaking its longing, often after we have long ignored subtler communication, putting them in the box labeled: “later.”

Sometimes the way to say Yes is fully allowing feeling rather than behavior or gratification. Art is one way we can find expression for those feelings, so that we can say Yes to longings whose gratification are out of reach. As Mary Oliver says, “you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

In our Yes is the Sacred, the movement of our life longing for itself. How we meet that, move towards that, is the work of healing and of truly being alive.