Choose To Be Here

Collect the jagged pieces
don’t be afraid
they are what 
you are made of anyway.

Collect the jagged pieces
lay them side by side,
let them become something, 

Life is not random, nor are things
meant to be.

Life is an opportunity to be a part
of the great unfolding, to consciously
move in the grooves of God, creation, mystery.

Whatever you call or do not call it,
how is it anything but unbelievably grand?

How is it anything but beautiful terrible and 
undeniably real,
that everyday is full of gorgeous choices
that lead this way or that,
moments that decide everything.

Chose your guide and listen - 
follow a path.
A path, some path, whatever it is.

Choose and follow, allow your own
great unfurling, unfolding, expressing, exposing.

Choose to be here.