YOGA. What is it? Can it help me?

In my work as a depth psychotherapist, I seek to increase my clients’ capacity to self-reflect: to face and be present with the mystery of one's inner life.  This is, in actuality, the practice of YOGA.

In a more technical sense, I bring the healing tools of the great tradition of Indian Yoga to my practice as a therapist, and I also guide yoga classes and practices that work with the whole human being.

The practice of Yoga offers time-tested tools for dealing with both the difficulties and elations of inhabiting a human body.  

YOGA means UNION: through its practice we unite the many facets of our being, like bringing a picture into focus.

By moving our bodies with intention and understanding, we discover the great possibilities that emerge when we bring patience and love to our places of struggle and pain.  Yoga has been a guiding force in my life, and it is my joy to share its profound healing power with others, and to incorporate it into my practice as a therapist.

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