Sharon Blackie

I can’t remember now how I first heard of Sharon Blackie. It was a couple of years ago, and like many of the good things in life, she came and then went, and then came back again. I bought her book “If Women Rose Rooted” a couple of years ago and then received it for Christmas this year.


Sharon Blackie lives in Ireland and offers many online courses from there. She is also coming to the United States this year for trainings and immersive experiences. Her work focuses on our connection to the land, and reclaiming our path of participation in “the land’s dreaming.”

This is a wonderful book to read all the way through or keep by your beside table. An inter-weaving of celtic myths, personal memoir, and time spent with rooted women, the book delivers its magic in many ways.

For many of us in—as she puts it—the celtic “diaspora,” her work speaks deeply to the longing to connect to our own, ancient, Earth-centered, feminine spirituality, something many of us have been brutally cut off from for thousands of years.

In this beautiful book is the story of her own awakening and an invitation to our own. I find her writing beautiful, soulful, and full of inspiration that speaks directly to the heart.