Our Sacred Yes

I believe we must find the Sacred within our everyday lives. This begins and unfolds through finding our true Yes and No.

When we find our Sacred Yes, we are able to move - mind, heart, body and soul - towards what we are called into, whether that is loving, creating, or simply being alive. As we do this, our Soul blossoms.

We begin to find our Sacred Yes by being very gentle and observant with ourselves, noticing what our body and heart respond to when we allow space.

This way of being creates serendipity, enhances synchronicity, and puts us in the flow of a life where Love is the fundamental force creating what we experience.

Our Sacred Yes can be the swipe of a paint brush, listening to a song that has been playing in your head for days. It can be letting the body sway as it stands outside on a cold winter day. It can be calling the friend you have been thinking of, or moving towards a loved one who is in pain with tenderness. It can be adding that extra spice you are drawn towards to your evening meal, pausing at the window as you hold a cup of tea. It can also be letting yourself feel and honor what you have long discarded in yourself as silly, unimportant or wrong.

Whatever it may be, it starts wherever you are. As Mary Oliver said, "the world offers itself to your imagination." It's just a matter of accepting the invitation.