Golden Work

Listening all day, is that what I do?

I am often asked that question.  Some who ask seem to think that it would be a very easy or simple thing to do; others, the most difficult.  I find that they are both right.

Really, as I sit in my chair and listen, I am first seeking being.  There is not much to do until I find that.  But, I find being by listening to myself, so the work is, in a way, all about listening.  And the work is life itself...

As we enter into Fall, surely as the leaves begin to turn orange and red and yellow, the work in my office changes course.  Summer offers a certain respite from the usual concerns and stresses of life.  Even though one's life may not be truly different, and in some cases even have become a bit more hectic during the summertime, we all somehow seem to give ourselves a break.   To be honest, I'm glad for it, too.

In Summer, sessions are often more conversational, filled with updates and thoughts about what is going to come when the season changes and life gets serious again.  We are often meeting again after a break due to vacations and activities; we catch up, are glad to see each other again, process what has been at work during the break.

Now, as sure as the sky today is gray and the air chilled, I can feel the momentum changing.  New people are entering my practice, ready to work.  People I have worked with for a long time are getting ready for the change that comes with the season.  Last night, I had my first session of the year end after it had become dark.  People are beginning to use that ominous phrase "...and then the holidays are coming..." 

Fall is definitely a time for movement and work.  Is that why so many of us love it so much? Do you?

How do you take hold of it?  This opportunity to take the energy gained over the golden summer and put it into something you want or need, yearn or long for?

What is your work this Fall?  How do you take advantage of the movement of letting go?  How are you taking the bright energy of summer and transforming it into your own personal harvest?