Time to Heal

It takes time to heal, time to grieve, time to move on and find new beginnings.  It is a process, not a fix; a transformation, not a switch.  When you are in great pain, this is such a difficult, difficult thing to accept.

The beauty of this is the realization that the best thing you can do for yourself when going through periods of pain and frustration is to allow yourself to feel.  This does not mean allowing yourself to wallow, ruminate, and wish away the day.  That is not feeling, that is thinking, worrying, and avoiding.

Take time to feel.

Lay on your bed, close your eyes, and allow your feelings to just be there.  Don't think about them, don't try to figure them out, just let them do their work.

Feeling is the work of the heart.  Let it teach you.

I was listening to a great show on NPR the other day, the Moth Hour.  There was a segment (I have tried to find the recording but can't) where the speaker described his relationship with his therapist in funny and moving terms.  His therapist was unorthodox, direct, and wise.  One thing he shared that I really love goes something like this:

"Sometimes you just have to grab a towel, sit in a chair, and let the feelings come."

Let them come, let them move through you, past you, so can move past them.

I'll share with you a secret: this basic action is much of what therapists try to teach their clients.  You just have to feel.