All Over Again

Here it is, Friday all over again.  Today in Portland, it is gorgeous, glorious, sunny, beautiful, perfect outside.  The city heaves with the wonder of it.  Everyone talks about the weekend, dreams of green grass, vegetables, and summer.

The longing for sun and its appearance in May is part of the cycle of the seasons here.  Truly.  Every year I remember this.  "Oh yeah, it will be sunny and warm and then cold again after Memorial Day, and everyone will be sad, and then it will get hot in July"  That's how it usually goes.

Yet every year we all wait for it as if it will never come.  And hold onto it as if we could.  And forget about the cycle.  Understanding the cycle, though, is where it's sweet.

This is true about our own lives, no?  When we recognize our cycles, we are able to stay more sane as they move through us.  Without cycles, we would not be alive.  This is the nature of the seasons.

In September, the evening air is cool with death, and the beginnings of winter.  But now, the evening air is cool with the warmth of summer in its breath.  And we wait, and it will come.  And then go again.