Allowing Connection

Allowing ourselves to be and feel truly connected to others is not an easy proposition. In many ways it can seem to make more sense for us to stay disconnected, to stay separate from experiencing who we are in relationship to other people. We lack the kind of faith that allows for genuine relationship. We have been hurt too may times.

The truth of the matter is that we are one large human family, all living on this planet together. We all share the pain and triumph that is being human, that is being a being with the potential for love and self-consciousness. When we are able to reach out to others through that shared experience, we call that compassion.

It is one thing to be compassionate, another to allow that compassion to be a source of connection and strength for both ourselves and others. We are each other’s best teachers. We are each other’s bridge to a better tomorrow. Love is a living experience we find when we tap into the source that is at the root of our connection to one another.

We have all been hurt, and we all have the potential for forgiveness and true connection. When we discover that true faith and safety can only be found within, we suddenly find that we are no longer as afraid of connecting to others. How do we find that faith and security? We begin with rediscovering what it is to be alive in this moment, examining assumptions and beliefs, and taking responsibility for who we are in this life. We begin by becoming aware of how we are making choices.

When we choose to connect, we are choosing life. We all have that right, the right to live in freedom without fear. But whether it is the fear of where our next meal is going to come from, or fear of a terrorist attack, it takes will to not give in. It takes an act of conscience and strength to allow ourselves to be truly alive as a person in the world.