Solving Problems

It is difficult to be faced with the complexity and tragedy of this world and not want to "fix it." Often though, it seems that conversations about the state of things inevitably dissolve into deeper and deeper circles of hopelessness and fatigue that end with an agreement by all that the world is crazy, nuts, etc.

I feel that part of this mentality comes from a lack of interest in taking a fresh perspective, in looking at a situation and being imaginative about what could be different, how it came to be, and what our individual parts to play may be. We have a certain version of our world shoved down our throats everyday. And, in a way, it is comfortable that way. Do we have the courage to allow ourselves a new way of thinking? There is freedom there, truly.

Looking at the Perseid meteor shower last night, in a place outside of the city where one can actually see the immensity of the universe that surrounds us, I was struck by the feelings of possibility and mystery that such an experience evokes. It is a sign of our times that the view of our universe is veiled by city lights.

We live under our blue dome and believe much too easily in what others tell us about our own experience. Freedom is possible when we let go of what we think we know, and allow wonder to become a part of our life again.