The Painted Hills


What is it?  Does it work?  Is it for me?

Each person is unique, and so is my approach to therapy.  I bring a consciousness around the importance of embodiment to what I think of as conscious conversations, in which we are dialoguing both with each other, ourselves, and the deeper contexts we live in.  I believe strongly in the importance of creativity and art in any truly lived life, and encourage all of my clients to find ways of creating space for expression in their lives.  We may also do some image-making in session together.

Where we start and where we go in our work depends on your individual needs.  Generally, we start with a conversation. As we go, I will share what I see and notice about how you relate to yourself, me, and the world around you. I will encourage you to explore yourself deeply and to be present with all of yourself that you can. I will share resources that I think are helpful. Most of all, I will do everything I can to create a safe place for you to explore new ways of being.

Any kind of therapy is an investment.  It took time to get where you are and it will take time to go someplace new.  The money you pay pays me for my time, my education, my ability to create a space for you to do work.  The result is without measure: how can you put a price on a happier more loving, expansive, satisfying life? Whether we work together or not, I encourage you to continue on your search for the life that makes sense to you.

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