I have always been interested in our shared human condition: how it arises, what we do with it; what we overcome, how we struggle; and how we thrive and love and grow.  

And all of this depending, so much, on the incredible power of the presence - or absence - of LOVE.

I've studied with many teachers and have been working with therapy clients for over 10 years, doing my best to learn, guide, teach, and become increasingly aware and attuned to what helps people find their way out of pain and despair and into the challenge and beauty of life.  

My husband Kjell and I opened Confluence Clinic in 2009.  We specialize in the holistic and compassionate treatment of depression and anxiety, and collaborate with both each other and the other practitioners at the clinic to help find solutions that bring true relief to the suffering of our clients.

We see health from a different perspective, and we love seeing people who have been viewed in limiting ways begin to experience freedom.

My practice is quite full right now.  If you would like to be on my waiting list or receive information about future workshops and other happenings at Confluence, please contact me!